Zombicide is a board game that takes place in a zombie-infested scenario where 1 to 6 players from 13 years old and up can play. A game of this collaborative game can last up to 30 minutes, in case of the beginners, and up to 4 hours for the expert players. 

In the game each player can control a character, in the case of the 6 players, or can also play solitary mode with four characters. Each character represents a human being that is in a city infested with zombies, known as «Survivors». Each survivor must become a hunter and kill the zombies wherever they are or appear. However, there must always be a balance between all team members as Zombicide is continuous and progressive. Zombies are multiplying and the danger is increasing, so a false step could generate a catastrophe.  


Zombicide has had several seasons since its first release. They always try to make a new season each year to create more and more challenging scenarios. Also, expansions have been made that can be added to the different seasons to give more adventure and challenge to the game. 

Season 1

This first season of Zombicide emerged in 2012 after crowdfunding at Kickstarter. This first season is composed of the basic game in which 4 types of zombies and 6 survivors come out. 

Season 2

In 2013, funding was secured for a second season, which includes the basic Prison Outbreak package and the Toxic City Mall expansion. Prison Break includes new types of zombies, known as berserkers, which appear as walkers, runners, fat people, and abominations. Also, the 6 main survivors are maintained, but with the expansion, 4 more survivors can be included with their respective zombies for each one. 

Season 3

Zombicide Season 3 was launched in 2014, which included new modifications and new scenarios, in which players must use different strategies to achieve to crush all zombies. 


Expansions are small packs that can be added to any of the seasons to extend the variety and duration of the main game. 

Toxic City Mall

This expansion allows players to experience a day of shopping at the mall that they will never forget. This expansion has 4 new survivors and 10 new zombies. The expansion has 10 mysterious scenarios, with special cards like Flamethrower, Hollow Point Bullets, and also new modules. 

Angry Neighbors

Angry Neighbors also adds 4 more survivors and 10 new zombies to the main Zombicide game. This expansion has neighborhood scenarios, in which you can face the zombies with an Ultra-Red game mode and other superweapons. It is really an experience that can extend the amusement of the main game.