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Zombicide painting service

Zombicide commission painting service

Almost everyone has thought even once about what would happen if the earth suffers some apocalyptic disaster. The first thing we usually think of is a zombie attack. Besides, it is not too hard to imagine considering the huge amount of movies, books, and TV shows that exist about zombies.
For this reason, there are a big group of people who are fans of this kind of apocalyptic view. In this context, guillotine games develop a game based on the theme of zombies, Zombicide. From the beginning until now, they have developed three versions of the game, and each one of them with its variables.
The three versions are Zombicide Classic, Zombicide Sci-Fi, and Zombicide Fantasy. However, independently of the version of the game you prefer to choose, there are some facts in the thematic of the game that do not change.

Zombicide painting service

If you want to hire your Zombicide board game right now and make the process more agile, tell us what you need and we’ll take care of it. We just need to know:

•Miniatures to be painted
•Painting levels
• If the models require assembling or to be purchased
• Scheme of colors
If you are having trouble to upload files to our contact form, please directly send us an email to: info@whiteweaselstudio.com

The best Zombicide painting service

Too many players think that the miniatures are new; they can paint them once they bring them out of the box. However, we have to consider that the miniatures are made of plastic; it means that at the time to manufacture them, the company uses molds.
The hot plastic is poor in the molds and then closed until the miniatures cool down. But, although they are tiny figures, they have some lines product of the process of fabrication with the molds.
In this way, if our experts paint these miniatures of Zombicide without applying any preparation before, the finish of your miniatures is going to be very poor. For this reason, it is necessary to prepare the miniatures before apply keep going with the painting process.
The preparation of the miniatures is not too much complicated. It is just needed a tiny file to reduce the biggest mold lines. Then the professional dip and wash the miniatures in hot water with soap. Finally, the miniatures need to dry for a few minutes, and they are ready for the painting process of the panting level you have chosen.

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The miniatures of Zombicide are not painted directly over the plastic; first is necessary to apply a primer base. Technically, we can use any primer color we want with our Zombicide miniatures. However, the most recommended is not to use strong color because in the next step, when it is going to be applied to another base, the finished can be affected.
Besides, there are different types of primers, but the easiest to use and that gives the miniatures a better finished is the spray primer. Especially for the color of the zombies, three primer colors are the most used. The first one is the skeleton color that gives the zombie a pale aspect that highlights more the blood details.
The second one is light green to give the zombie a rotten aspect. This color is used when we want to transmit that the zombie has too much time death. In this way, the light green combines perfectly with the rest of the paint and blood to look very rotten.
The third color is a light orange that is used to represent the zombie is fresh. We have to understand that the zombies do not rotten instantly. For this reason, the light orange gives the zombie the perfect color for this transition.

Zombicide painting models

After finish the previous steps, you probably think the job is all done. However, the job is in the middle of the way to be done. First, it is necessary to add some details to make the zombies look more realistic, and less cartoon.
To add these details, it is necessary to add shader paint. But, you have to know that add this shader is an easy task. We must think in the shader like a dark paint designed to get inside the deepest parts of the miniature which ad texture to the figure. In this way, the zombie is going to look like a real one. With the shader, we can create the folds of the clothes, the facial features, and the objects that the zombie could have.
Besides, the lines of the hair get the perfect contrast if the painter knows how to use the shadows, and our painters know it well. The addition of the shadows can make the difference between professional work and amateur work.

Best Zombicide painting service

Like everything in life, there are some shortcuts, and the painting process of the Zombicide miniatures is not the exception. Hay una pintura llamada sombra rápida que evita el proceso aburrido y molesto de agregar las sombras con un pincel. There is a paint named quick shade that avoids the boring and annoying process of adding the shadows with a brush. With this paint, it is just necessary to dip the miniature in the container of the paint and let it rest.