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Super Heavy Support


In White Weasel Studio we make your dream come true. Get the titan you’ve always wanted to plant on a table! Leave your colleagues speechless!

We understand that your Warhammer 40,000 miniatures go beyond simple figures. They are true works of art that reflect your passion for the hobby and showcase your unique style as a collector. That’s why we are proud to bring you our specialized Forge World titan painting service.

Our team is made up of highly skilled artists who share your love for the Warhammer universe. Trust White Weasel Studio to bring your titans to life with an unmatched level of detail and quality. Contact us today and find out how we can turn your dreams into reality.

Get the mini you've always dreamed of

Realize your dream of owning the Forge World Titan you’ve always wanted at White Weasel Studio!

From the moment your project starts, we will be with you every step of the way. We will advise you in choosing the most impressive paint scheme, highlighting the unique details and features of your Titan.

Trust White Weasel Studio and discover how we can turn your dreams into a stunning reality.


Chaos Warhound Titan

From forge to your table

Impressive Chaos Warhound emerging from the blast furnaces of the Dark Mechanicum.

Warlord Legio Mortis

I have come to destroy you

Our client’s Apocalypse games are now a whole new ball game thanks to this piece of Warlord!

Astraeus super-heavy Tank

The emperor and nothing else

Unleash the full force of the Space Marines with their heaviest tank.

Titanes Warhounds Legio Gryphonicus

Agile hunters

Expansion of the Warlord Titan project where the customer completes his Legio Gryphonicus!

Titan Warlord Legio Gryphonicus

The power of Mars

Brutal Titan Warlord of the Legio Gryphonicus custom chosen by the customer.

Fire Raptor Gunship

Dominates the skies

The pinnacle of our client’s Space Wolf army is this Fire Raptor loaded with weapons and freehands!


If you want to hire right now your Super Heavy Support for your Warhammer collection, fill out our contact form and we will write you soon with all the information. We need to know:

  • Concept of the project: Explain us the figure you want to hire and the details to be highlighted, color scheme and painting level.
  • Do we have to buy or assemble the figure?
  • Do you want us to apply freehands? In that case, what are your ideas?
  • What is your approximate budget for the project? We are not asking you this question to know the profit we will earn, but to be able to adjust our quality and details to your investment. Our goal is always to be able to get the most out of all our projects with the money you have available. And as you can see… we can make really awesome things!


No matter if it’s an Astraeus, a Fire Raptor Gunship or any other super heavy support, our goal is to provide you with miniatures that will be the pride of your army. At White Weasel Studio we guarantee impressive results that will make you stand out from your opponents.

Be the envy of your friends

Highlight your super heavy support in your Warhammer games!

At White Weasel Studio we know that one of the best ways to show your passion for Warhammer is through amazingly painted miniatures that add an epic touch to your games.

Show off your super heavy support, painted by White Weasel Studio, and take your Warhammer games to the next level.

Destroy your enemies!

Imagine the look on your opponents’ faces when you deploy your super heavy support on the battlefield. Contact us today and find out how we can make your miniatures stand out on the battlefield and captivate your opponents!

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