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Space Marines Commission painting service

The Space Marines or Adeptus Astartes are the main defenders of Humanity and are considered the best warriors of the Emperor of Mankind. Space Marines are considered superhuman as they are subjected to a harsh regimen of genetic modification, psychoconditioning, and extremely rigorous training.

Space Marine Features

Astartes are physically much tougher and stronger than most normal human beings. Even mentally they are far removed from them. In fact, they regard humans as frail and weak creatures given over to the follies of temptation, avarice, greed, lust, or cowardice, emotions they rarely feel. They are not affected by any natural diseases, pests and they know no fear. They can suffer very serious injuries and continue to fight on the front lines of combat. They are outfitted in power armor and wielding the most powerful weapons known to man.
The Space Marines loyal to the Emperor are divided into different Chapters. After the Horus Heresy, the Legions were divided into chapters of 1000 men and these are the most loyal to the Emperor: Dark Angels; White Scars; Space Wolves; Imperial Fists; Blood Angels; Iron Hands; salamanders; Gray Knights; Blood Ravens, Deathwatch, Black Templars; Ultramarines and the Raven Guard.

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    Professional Space Marines painting service

    Creating highly detailed Space Marine miniatures can be very satisfying as it allows you to give much more value and attention to detail during play. It adds a lot of fun and excitement, while also adding an incredible degree of realism to this game.
    Our artists can define and customize the details of your Space Marine army to suit your preferences. If you want to hire a Space Wolves painting service, a Blood Angels painting service, maybe a painting service for your Dark Angels or add any detail to your Ultramarines, we have the best Space Marines painting service to assist you. personalized way.

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    Painting Space Marine figures requires meticulous attention to detail, including exact procedures, equipment, and steps; nothing should be left to chance. Our Space Marine miniatures painting service ensures that your miniatures will have a spectacular result.

    Take advantage of this opportunity if you are looking for a professional Space Marine painting service to have some impressive miniatures. Visit our website and contact us.