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Professional Salamanders painting service

In the universe of Warhammer 40K, this dystopian future shows an enormous collection of different war units. The variety of characters keeps this game interesting for new players every year. This game is excellent to let the player immerse themselves in the story thanks to the customized forces and the landscapes.
The possibilities are practically endless for the players. So long they can imagine it, they could build it. Also, it is possible to make special units combining different pieces too On the other side, making these fantastic scenarios and mighty armies requires experienced hands and professional techniques to let the game reach its full potential.

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In this regard, most players are not capable of reaching the required level of skills The miniature painting services were made by the reunion of some players with a high-leveled artistic sense. The purpose is to help beginners to make their miniatures reach higher quality than doing the job themselves.
The players can display the different personalities and beliefs of the units of different forces with their designs, only needing to hire a team of miniature painting experts to do the job as they wish. Beyond the common features of factions, the service only helps most players enjoy the experience of customizing their forces to their taste.
The most difficult part of making your army is the process of assembling the models and painting them, especially the latter. The level of the player’s skills is highly tested If the player wants to exploit the miniatures’ potential and express his creativity, the best and only option is hiring miniature painting services.

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    According to the game’s story, the original color of the Chapter Power Armor was bright yellow. Also, it had a backpack, chest, and boots colored black There were also black patterns in the yellow plated parts Now, the Salamanders Chapter colors are green, black, and gold. Especially the decorations on their armors, most are gold colored with different shades.
    Besides, in the game’s descriptions, every battle-brother is trained in the skills of the smith, meaning that they carry Bolters and other war-gear that were crafted by them. Then, it means that the player can customize the weapons’ look of their soldiers as they wish, albeit there are some details that the soldiers in the game have that can inspire them.

    Salamanders Army Features

    The war-gear displays symbols of the Promethean Cult of their homeworld and those symbols are the hammer, anvil, scales, the visage of Nocturne’s salamanders, and the flame The player can use these patterns in any way he or she wants You only need to tell our team of miniature painting experts, and they will use their skills to make the job with the best quality finish.
    Most players cannot customize the weapons because of the pieces’ sizes, but our miniature painting experts can use the right brushes and other tools with their highly skilled hands to perform this difficult job with the best results. All you need to do is give your ideas for the design.
    Likewise, to represent the background and personal history of each soldier, the best option is to customize differently the weapons of every soldier, that way, each one can express their personalities with their weapons. If you do not want to do the designs, you can leave them in the hands of our team of experts.

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    The Power Armor is supposedly plated in bright green, while the backpack and shoulder plates are black Like other Chapters, they have in the chest piece and Aquila or Imperialis of gold color. The artist of our miniature painting service can use varied shades of gold to give a sense of deepness and highlight the Aquila’s contours to make it look like a relief.
    The right shoulder plate displays the squad specialty with the company number superimposed on it. Company designations are in the left shoulder plate represented with the Emblem’s backfield color. The icon is a salamander’s head like the name suggests. Those heads are just the silhouette of the spiked and armored beast described in the game.

    Heraldic of the Salamander Army

    On the other side, their armors present with a certain frequency the scale patterns. Albeit difficult because of the miniature size, our experts can paint these tiny details however you want in the armors, weapons, even vehicles. It is also true for the anvil and other said patterns. The Flames can have gold tones and surround parts of the armor, like the limbs.
    Similarly to the weapons, the armors of the Salamanders are supposedly representing each soldier’s belief. The patterns use in their gear should be different for every Astartes. It is a job that requires patience, creativity, time, and skills. Your best option is to hire our experts, and they will take charge of all the processes. Come and contact us! We are waiting for you.