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Raven Guard painting service

Professional Raven Guard painting service

A universe filled with adventures, alien scenarios, different species, more incredible weapons, and vehicles. Warhammer 40.000 is certainly a huge game filled with many surprises waiting for the players The vastness of the game is also thanks to its free creative thinking nature.
The players themselves make the universe richer, creating unique landscapes, and customizing the armies. It is even modifying pre-existing troops reassembling parts, and making unique units. The players have an irreplaceable role in maintaining the changes and dynamics of the game.

Raven Guard assembly & painting experts

Of course, not everyone has the skill set to create beautiful scenarios, design and paint unique bases, cities, or environments. Even most players have not enough skill to paint their miniatures. Fortunately, some of the most experienced model makers with artistic sense put their services in order as miniature painting experts.
That way, as long as some basic features are respected, most players can hire professionals and share how they see their armies, so the experts can use their experience to bring those thoughts to reality. These miniature painting experts can apply any customization, and you only need to say what you want to do with the models.

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    Get the Best Raven Guard painting service

    The Raven Guard Chapter colors are black and white. According to the game, they follow the Codex Astartes with some little variations. Thanks to their duty of infiltration, these units tend to remove their heraldic markings to prevent identification. Their Power Armour is black while displaying their chapter emblem in the left pauldron with a black field.
    The Left shoulder plate is always trimmed black The squad displays the specialty symbol in the right pauldron The right pauldron’s trim color represents the company to where the Astartes belongs to. Also, the left knee guard displays the squad number These prove certain differences with the armors of other Chapters of the game.
    Some high-ranking officials have their shoulder plates in full white. Other times are the helmets or the complete arm of the armor. The ranks are also displayed by a system of helm studs and colorations coupled with iconography. The Raven Guard badge is a stylized white raven centered on a field of black. Also, the helm mimics the beak of a crow.

    Raven Guard colour scheme

    The specialty of these warriors is stealth and infiltration, meaning that their armors need to look inconspicuous. In such regard, the miniature painting experts can use some less shiny black tones for the armor, even using matte colors to do the entire color scheme applying some techniques to ensure its durability and protection.
    The matte colors complement the style of these warriors, these include the white in the needed parts or trimming some details in the armor. On the other side, some artists use dark tones of red on the eyes in the miniature’s helm, but all depends on the wishes of the player.

    Raven Guard Weapons

    On the other side, these soldier weapons are particularly unique Instead of the common bolters and chainswords, their Assault Marines use pairs of lighting claws Displaying their fearsome abilities in close-quarters combat where they excel and are known Also, they can use a combination having the claws and a bolt pistol to mid-range combat.
    To complement such style, the miniature painting expert can use his creativity adding different effects to the blades to highlight the sense of sharpness Some may go beyond, adding blood steins to the claws, making them look like it is recently spilled using tiny spots of bright red colors with the right tone.
    On the other side, the claws are known to use lightning, so the expert can use varied shades of blue to give a mystic sense to the weapon. It includes patterns of bright bluish-white representing the lightning bolts around the blades of the claws Also, it combines with other grey tones of the metal of the weapon.
    When using bolters, this weapon is often covered with a lighter tone of black with white lines to highlight the setoff, but without giving out a too shiny effect. Of course, it could use another color if the player wishes so.

    Commission Raven Guard painting service

    Players without enough skills will not be able to display the complete potential of the miniature Every soldier of the Raven Guard is filled with determination and fierceness. These aspects make every miniature appear to be living. Most players will not be able to highlight these characteristics when doing the painting.
    Anything that the player wants will be made. What our services provide is a warranty that the quality of the Raven Guard Astartes will display their fierce personalities Every unit will have the highest quality of finish allowing your army to display its might with its mere presence. What are you waiting for? Contact us now together we will make this happen.