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Aleph painting service

Aleph is an artificial intelligence that has minority forces in comparison with other factions, made up mostly of robotic and post-human armies that in their worship of Aleph have been transformed to integrate robotic parts into their bodies.
Although these forces are low in relation to those that are parts of other factions, their technology makes the difference; turning them into respectable opponents on the immeasurable battlefield.
Aleph is responsible for the control of data as well as all technological systems within the Human Sphere. Although he is considered humanity’s greatest ally, he is haunted by a shadow of doubt from other factions such as the Nomads; who claim that they only want to sell humanity.

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      A mixture of army painter hydra turquoise and army painter hydra purple is used to bring life to the servants and the viscera coming out of Nurgle’s stomach. For the weapons, a color combination of Scale 75 Metallics is used, to obtain a greater coverage and at the same time to highlight the light colors of Nurgle’s skin.

      As they have no legs, our professionals recommend grouping and customizing the lower section of Nurgle, with some of their servants. Additionally, we paint the floor where the miniature figure is supported. Regardless of whether it is in a city or on a plain, we can paint the floor with the colors you want.

      On the other hand, you can consult with our professionals regarding the care that the figure should receive once it has been painted and personalized. Consult our services and decide with our experts, the best way to paint and design your miniature figures.