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Infinity O-12 painting service

O-12 is the law in the Human Sphere and SWORDFOR is its strong arm: a militarized police force tasked with maintaining stability and defending justice on an international level. The design of O-12 as a faction and as an army in Infinity was based around the idea of a transnational police force. This allowed to work with a archetypes drawn from many sources and reference material as a way of providing the different units of O-12 (the latest faction to be added to the wargame) with their own personality. Some of them are rather obvious, others not so much, and you may even find some easter eggs here and there within the lore of the different units that make up O-12 and Starmada—its Sectorial Army.
One of the more evident ones, the Lawkeepers, were born as the happy sum of the requests made by many members of the community. Their Unit Profile was developed around the Badlands, the area surrounding Montecristo, the maximum security prison (and another obvious fluff reference) of Concilium Prima, O-12’s planet.

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    If you want to hire your O-12 army right now and make the process more agile, tell us what you need and we’ll take care of it. We just need to know:

    •Miniatures to be painted
    •Painting levels
    • If the models require assembling or to be purchased
    • Scheme of colors
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    Infinity O-12 Commission painting service

    Our O-12 painting service guarantees the acquisition of models and miniatures with professional finishes that bring each character and scenarios closer to O-12 militarized police force
    Our pieces have techniques that highlight every detail, both at the design level, such as sculpture and painting. Our studio has professionals in various areas: design, sculpture, modeling and painting with years of experience that can make your projects a success.
    With our O-12 miniature painting service we assure you professional finishes of excellent quality and durability.
    We respect the ideas and concepts of our clients. We work to offer you the best results supported by an impeccable work that you will be able to appreciate in each miniature piece.
    We can also support you in your particular projects. If your goal is to start your own company with original miniatures, just send us your sketches and our designers will take care of it.
    We will sculpt for you all O-12 characters for your game miniatures, the different action units: Psi-cop Hacker, Delta Unit, Gamma, Gangbuster, Kappa Fusil Combi, Lynx, Psi-cop Hacker or Delta Unit.

    O-12 miniature painting service

    Do you want to know if we have your favorite characters or forces from O-12? We recommend you to visit our website and check if our list of items for sale includes that special Infinity character you are looking for. You can check among our extensive list of game miniatures if your favorite character or army is ready for you. You can hire our O-12 painting service to ensure the professional finish that distinguishes us and that will make your collection exceptional.
    If among your projects you find the location of experts in painting, carving and sculpture of miniatures, you have come to the right place. We assure you a perfect finish that will become the center of attention.
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