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Nighthaunts are tortured and spiteful spirits that leave only withered corpses in their wake. An ancient terror has been reawakened by an invincible malicious will. Ghost armies are formed when phantasmagorical energies unite to form ghost armies, no longer satisfied to haunt the edges of civilization. It is no longer a matter of haunting, but rather of attacking life in order to destroy it. A tempest of ethereal monsters emerges from the depths of Shyish, the Realm of Death. These specters battle to return fresh souls to the abyss from where they came, taking merciless delight in knowing the torments that await their victims.
Nighthaunts provides a perfect canvas for model construction and painting. Painting Nighthaunt’s armies figures allows you to create a force that attracts attention and revolts stomachs, terrifies your foes, and proves terrifyingly strong on the battlefield.

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    Nighthaunt commission painting service

    Our Nighthaunt miniature painting service combines all of our miniature painters’ knowledge and techniques to offer a high-quality miniature painting service that always exceeds our customers’ expectations. Our focus is on making painting miniatures look fantastic and constructing wargaming dioramas that excite you.
    Painted Nighthaunt miniatures may truly open up a whole new world of questing and exciting moments, making them among the greatest in a fantasy setting. All you have to do is give it a go; we guarantee you’ll have a fantastic time each time.
    Take advantage of this chance immediately and call us if you want expert Nighthaunt painting services with exceptional outcomes and a stunning set of visuals.