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Miniature bases

Painting of Warhammer bases to order

In White Weasel Studio we offer a complete service for your Warhammer miniatures, including the design, texturing and painting of bases and bases.

Thanks to our professional team of painters, we can place your army in the setting of your choice. For example, your collection can be located fighting a horde of tyranids in the middle of a populated jungle or a volcanic terrain with rivers of lava.

We have at our disposal all kinds of vegetation, rocks and decorative elements. For example, we have skulls of all kinds, metallic elements to simulate a futuristic battlefield as well as snow or other effects to simulate rust or dust.

Tell us where you want your warriors to fight and we’ll take care of the rest!

Be'lakor, the Dark Lord

Join the Chaos!

Be’lakor, the Dark Lord, brings a very elaborate base in which our artists have been able to delight.

The Glottkin Brothers

Nurgle's garden

A figure as brutal as the Glottkin Brothers deserves a base worthy of Papa Nurgle.

Horus, Lord of War

I was there...

…the day Horus fell. And with his fall began the Heresy that burned the galaxy and the Empire of man.

Leman Russ VS Magnus

Duel of Primarchs

This spectacular diorama commemorates the burning of Prospero with a base at the height of these two Primarchs.

The green knight

Snow and honor

The Green Knight of Bretonia deserves a diorama base to show the gallantry of this Warhammer legend.

Roboute Guilliman

Imperius Secundus

There is only one man who can carry the titanic effort of rebuilding the Empire of Mankind on his shoulders.

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    Your Warhammer bases

    Our custom base painting service can only paint bases for your miniatures if for example you want to change the size of the bases of your collection (as long as we reach the minimum order). To make it easier for us, please provide us with the following information so that we can give you a price as accurate as possible:

    • Number of bases and shape (square, oval or round)
    • Sizes of the bases (25mm, 32mm, etc.)
    • Decoration to be applied (desert, volcanic, snowy terrain, etc.)
    • Magnetized (optional)

    Magnetic bases for Warhammer

    Our service not only includes decoration and painting, but we can also place magnets under your bases so that they travel safely in metal trays or a carrying case.

    Motion trays

    Many armies, as in Warhammer Fantasy or Song of Ice and Fire, have movement trays to help move units during the game.

    Do you want to match the aesthetics of your units during the game? At White Weasel Studio we can paint and magnetize your motion trays to match the decor of your new project or to update your existing army. Let us help you achieve the perfect consistency!

    Quality and durability

    We guarantee a clean and coherent result in our Warhammer bases and movement trays projects. We always use durable and quality materials to avoid breakage over time and that the final result is not impoverished with time and use.

    If you want to change the bases of your army to update the size to the current rules or give it a different look, do not hesitate to contact us, thanks to our professional Warhammer base painting service you will be delighted!

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