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Iyanden painting service

Iyanden Craftworld painting service

In the past, Iyanden was seen as the largest starship and with the largest population of inhabitants, but after suffering an invasion by a Kraken battle fleet, its faction is almost in extinction. Due to this tragedy, the spacecraft now depends on the specters of its warriors killed in battle. These specters protect the ship and are part of the elite combat units.

The form of government of the spacecraft is constituted by the advice of ancient seers, who after the fall of the empire, anticipated the influence and intention of the god Slaanesh to take possession of the souls of the inhabitants of Iyanden.
For this reason, all inhabitants are educated and trained to hate the Lord of Pleasures The spaceship is integrated with spiritual jewels of other planetary ships to protect the souls of the dead from Slaanesh’s powers and other dark influences.

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    Iyanden commission painting service

    Of the planetary ships in Warhammer’s universe, Iyanden is one of the most popular among fans. On the other hand, the ship is the largest of all and one of the most complexes to design.
    Unlike other Craftworlds, Iyanden’s design is characterized by its beetle shape, with a stern wider than the bow. In addition to using Scale 75 Metallics to accentuate the external features of the ship, Regal Blue and Sunburst Yellow are also used in some areas of the ship.

    Aeldari Iyanden Craftworld painting service

    With the traditional color range, all combat units and war vehicles are painted with Regal Blue and Sunburst Yellow. As it is a race that is used to battle, it is normal to find features that indicate the wear of weapons and armor.
    Our professional artists can bring these details to life through Corvus Black, Agrax EarthShade, and various shades of yellow, to give a realistic touch to the armor. On the other hand, the armor worn by seers is often characterized by its elegance, which is why we use Scale 75 Metallics Gold, which is also used to bring the staffs to life.
    Similarly, you can consult with our professionals about the appearance you want on your miniature figures. If you want the armor or weapons of the Iyanden to have a renewed and neater look, you can consult our artists, as they can apply different painting techniques to obtain the finishes you want.