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Few games can remain interesting after so many years Warhammer 40K is exceptional to remain popular for more than 3 decades. The way to success is maintaining the attention of the public. Then, it is best appreciated when seen how many new players appear every year.
The varied fantastic scenarios, the different cultures, species, even ideologies among peers; all make this game very rich. It is especially so when each soldier of the army can show his uniqueness in its design. Besides, it opened new business opportunities like specialized miniature painting services to help beginners with their miniatures.
One of the popular choices among the variant armies is the Iron Hands Chapter This faction has a long history in the storyline of the game, which determinates various aspects of it, like their unique appearance among their peers. It is this history that makes it more attractive and let the players immerse themselves in the adventure.

Iron Hands miniatures experts

On the other side, the unique designs are hard to represent in the miniatures, which is why specialized services were born to help every player build their army with the best finish. These experts use artistic skills and techniques to provide different effects and give more highlights to some aspects. It is a service that any new player needs to hire.

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    Commission Iron Hands painting service

    The colors of the Iron Hands Chapter are black and grey Their heraldry is a doctrines’ combination from the game’s Codex Astartes and iconography of the native clans in the homeworld, Medusa. The predominant theme is a monochromatic and metallic aesthetic making them look unmerciful and stark.
    The Power Armour is black, the left shoulder showing the Chapter icon Each soldier has an individual icon displayed on the right shoulder plate, which represents the division of the Chapter in clan companies. Also, the tactical role is displayed in the left knee guard with different colors accordingly.
    The Iron Hands’ squad number is shown in low Gothic numeral denotation in the right knee guard. The ranks are displayed with a combination of the helm, knee plate, and pauldron markings very characteristic of this Chapter The armor has its backpack, and the entire right arm with its shoulder guard painted white for the case of Apothecaries.

    Chapter Details

    Also, the apothecary helmet has a white stripe painted vertically down the front On the other side, the Emblem of these soldiers is a white-colored iron gauntlet, with the black of the armor as background. This gauntlet represents the metal covered hands of Ferrus Manus, their lost Primarch.

    Features of the Iron Hands

    As a specific feature of this faction, the game explains that every soldier is completely determined to change their weak flesh with bionic parts. The more veteran the soldier, the more parts are changed Some of the older Astartes are almost made of bionic parts except for their brains. This particular aspect gives them a cyborg-like appearance
    The game’s story says that even the Neophytes replace their left hands with metallic ones in the initiation ritual. Such tradition was inspired in the tale that their Primarch, Ferrus Manus, had his hands covered in metal. It was a result of a legendary fight against a metal serpent. To respect such tradition, all soldiers have at least a metallic hand.

    Iron Hands assembly and painting details

    On the other side, these details are not easy to reproduce, but miniature painting expert can use different brushes and techniques to paint the faces of some of the characters, making the best to ensure the effects of metallic components instead of flesh in some parts. adding shades of green or blue to metallic plates in the skull with red bionic eyes.
    Also, the artist makes the skin look pale using white tones, gives it some details like wrinkles around the metal parts, or made some graduation to the colors Then, he ensures that the skin gets whiter the closer to the metal, pretending that such parts have no blood circulation, unlike normal bodies.

    Get the best Iron Hands painting service

    Such colors made it simple but also hard to provide the best quality finish Hiring a miniature painting service is the best choice because the experts will use different techniques to add shades and reflections, even adding metallic paint, and polishing to give the miniature a cold and shiny look suitable for these soldiers’ style.
    These miniatures represent a challenge in the utilization of black Even when most of the armor is dark, a skillful miniature painting artist knows to mix other colors to produce complementing tones Applying such mixtures in layers will get a more realistic look to the supposedly metallic plates and any other effects that the artist uses.

    Professional work for your Iron Hands Army

    To reach such dramatic effects the only option is hiring miniature painting services and let professionals do their job. Come and call us, we are looking forward to working together to improve your army’s look.