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While digging into the vast universe of Warhammer 40K we can find a fairly distinctive group. In this case, we are talking about the Imperial Knight, a robotic machine team used by the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Imperium. Something, without a doubt, you have to know when it comes to getting involved in this interesting game.
Therefore, we will focus on giving you some details about these machines, like information of their creation and history. In addition to what you need to know while doing the painting of the miniatures. Since you should know a fundamental part of Warhammer 40K is the paint job you give your figures.
However, if you don’t have time for it, we will also give you an interesting alternative for painting your Imperial Knights. Since you don’t have to be a graphic artist to give life to your figures. You can just make a small investment to have the perfect miniatures you have always dreamed of. Let’s see what are we talking about.

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    The best Imperial Knights Painting Service

    Who are the Imperial Knights?

    Also known as Questor Imperialis, they are huge bipedal machines destined for warfare piloted by a single Noble, which is under the oath of the Omnissiah or the God of the Machine. On the other hand, these pilots are also known as Knights Scions and they are the very best of the Imperium.
    On the other hand, the Questor are quite old battle suits within the Warhammer 40K universe. They are known to be smaller and less capable in combat, as they are originally from the feudal worlds of the Imperium. However, the Imperial Knights are colossal war machines protected by Ion Shields and armed with devastating weapons. In summary, they are very tough. In summary, they are very tough.
    There is no enemy that underestimate them, because they can serve into battle by hitting huge war tanks and turn any soldier into dust. They can also be more than just destructive weapons, because they are considered the relics of ancient eras of the Imperium. At the same time, they are a pride of the Cult of the Machine.
    Therefore, they are a fundamental part of the history of Humanity, since they were one of the first war machines that were used to protect and colonize the first foundations of the Imperium. So they have highly appreciated figures within the Warhammer 40K community. Let’s see some of them.

    Knight Valiant

    Knight Valiant are huge and intimidating figures. They are the perfect definition of a war machine from the feudal age of the Imperium. So the technology they use is a bit different than what we see in other Warhammer figures.
    However, details are important fort the Imperial Knights figures. So you have to be careful when painting the small parts of the metal shell of these miniatures. And without forgetting to accentuate those parts that can give a personal touch to your figures.
    That is something we can handle perfectly, because our professional painting company will do the hard work to bring your figures to life. Since we know everything about the tones, finishes, and techniques necessary for you to be impressed with the results.

    Imperial Knights Commission Painting Service

    Armiger Helverin

    Other imposing figures, but unlike the Knight Valiants these have a slightly more stylized look. Therefore, this must be considered while choosing the color palette. And in this case, we usually choose finer and more delicate metallic colors, such as blue. Also, we complement it with metallic gold to give a less rough appearance.
    Of course, without forgetting to give the correct brushstrokes in every detail. In this way, we assure you that your figures will seem they will move by themselves at any time. But this is not all we can do. Because we make sure you have a quality finish, and your miniature will stay with you for a long time.
    We are a professional painting service that not only expects you to have a striking and perfectly executed result, but also a figure that can withstand years on the game board.

    Knight Preceptor

    The Knight Preceptor Canis Rex is quite a large figure on the battlefield, much larger than human figures. This huge war machine is often painted with different techniques, but our favorite is the one that highlights the outer part of the shell in an ornamental color, while the internal joints are in the background with a less bright color.
    In this way, we do not forget about each of the screws and folds in the figure to be important at the time of painting. So you do not have to worry, because our experts can listen to all your suggestions and give you the figure you expect. So do not hesitate, if you do not have time to paint your figures, it does not matter.
    Our professional painting company can take care of your figures for you in record time and with excellent results!