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The history of the Imperium of Man is vast, and along the time, many forces were born to fight against its enemies. The sensation of a new universe waiting for discovery is one of the most attractive aspects of the game. Warhammer 40K and its rich universe allow the participants to immerse themselves in the game completely.
There are many histories to count, many places to see, enemies to fight, and always seek victory in the battle. Even amateurs can quickly see the incredible greatness of this wargame. The detailed history, organization, design of the contending forces, and freedom of creative thinking have bound the players to the game.

Imperial Fists Features

The most attractive feature is the artistic freedom that the game gives to the players. Every person can make their customized army, especially the soldiers’ looks. Of course, the high difficulty of painting them also opened opportunities to new side businesses like the miniature painting services, where professionals do the job for you.
The final goal is to have an army that is unique to you Choosing the faction whose style is similar to yours is the most recommendable option to best express the player’s creativity. Even most of the players, which do not have enough skill, can have impressive armies like Imperial Fists, leaving the artistic work to the specialized services.

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    Get the Best Imperial Fists painting service

    The Imperial Fists Chapter colors are Yellow, Black, and Red. These Astartes’ Power Armor is of golden yellow, having some varied shades to give a realistic feeling of lights and shadows following the model’s pose. The armor counts with different details as well, suitable for the general art style of this variant army that required special attention and skills.
    The game plot says that these warriors were the most loyal of the Emperor’s forces, who even was one of the most deployed into battle They were the most trusted under the Master of Mankind, and they were proud of it, which is why their colors are so striking. It is like that so their pride can shine among the flames and gore of the battlefield.

    Imperial Heraldry of the Imperial Fists

    The armor has a red Imperialis or Aquila in the chest region, which can be accompanied by thin black lines to highlight the contours and with red tones to give deepness Also, the Armor shows the company that the warrior belongs to with the color of the trim on the pauldrons. The 1st company is white, followed by yellow, red, green, etc.
    On the other side, the left pauldron displays the Emblem of the Chapter, and the right one displays the squad number in High Gothic numeral denoting. It has the tactical role of the squad superimposed to identify them, too. Like an army, the forces have different specializations and divisions, which it displays in the color schemes.
    Of course, there are different ranks to make the army more realistic, these are represented by varied combinations of helms patterning and colorations in the right pauldron. Fortunately, the miniature painting service experts are knowledgeable about it and will do it accordingly. Of course, every player can decide to follow or do not their advice.
    The badge of the Imperial Fists is an armored gauntlet in grey or black, this Icon represents the clenched hand of Rogal Dorn. The Fist is represented with the backing of a white or yellow field, while it has grey or black circular borders. Their heraldry also has different designs with their unique meaning and iconography for each soldier.
    These details need attention during the process of painting the miniature. The heraldries are unique to the Chapter and represent the backstory of every soldier It is best if there are no repetitions. The player needs to consider their design or leave it to the miniature painting experts’ considerations to ensure the best results.

    Professional Imperial Fists painting service

    All of these details need careful deployment to conserve the artistic sense and give the model a lifelike feeling. The players can ask the miniature painting consultants about the details to make the model more realistic. After all, every army has different companies and specialties, so every detail needs thorough planning.
    On the side, these warriors are known as one of the most deployed forces, their armor should display their fierceness, including blood steins in the design using professional techniques to preserve realism. Besides, some notches and scratches will work as complements, requiring precise skills and thin brushes that experts have.
    The teams of the miniature painting services are mostly made of highly-skilled professionals. They will take the job and follow your wishes while improving the quality of the finish. They gave your forces life while following your creative thinking and ideas Do not hesitate, contact us, and come to work together to make your army.