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The great diversity of the wargame Warhammer 40.000 characters allows the players the possibility of displaying their creativity. The game gives the player the freedom to do anything with so many different armies and distinguish variant armies. As if it were not enough, the game also let the players modify the models.
The players can easily do whatever they want while assembling the models, painting them, and this freedom let the creation of original armies even among the lines of the standard ones on the rules. Every player can easily express his vision of their forces in their models and hire a professional artist to make the miniature’s painting.
Every army is unique, more so the variant one within it. Each player needs to make his choice with thorough thinking, knowing the backstory and other specialties of each force. With enough knowledge, the players can let their imagination run wild, while the miniature painting experts will help them manifest their ideas in the models.

Features of the Deathwatch

Every army is different, and even those that are the same can vary among players Take as an example one of the formidable Chapters, the Deathwatch, an especial force made from veterans. It combines the best of the best from every human force, and their looks are unique with detailed customization displaying each character’s origin.
The players may illustrate remembrance to their home Chapters and the sequels of the war in their Power Armours. Whatever the player chooses, it is important to know the details required high-leveled skills to do the job After all, most details are small, needing special brushes and other tools.

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    Professional Deathwatch painting service

    Their Power Armour’s colors are mainly based on black and silver, referring to the story saying that when they are seconded to the Deathwatch their new brothers make a ritual repainting the power armor. Mostly the result leaves it black except for the right shoulder guard, which remains with the original color representing the home Chapter of the Astartes.
    Also, this plate displays the heraldry of the Home Chapter. On the other side, the left one shows the icon of the Deathwatch. The entire left arm and shoulder plate are supposedly electroplated silver with a shining polish meaning that in the miniature painting process it would be good to add a shiny finish to this section of the model.
    On the other side, the armor is often decorated with Purity Seals and other icons unique to the parent Chapter. For example, the armor could have decorations like small teardrop icons used by Blood Angels or can use the runes, talisman of the Fenris’ culture for Space Wolves. The painting experts need to pay attention to give every soldier its uniqueness.

    Deathwatch badges

    The Deathwatch badge is the ancient inquisitional I with a death’s head and crossed bones mounted on it. Sometimes the Astartes also engrave devotional texts on the field backing the icon. Their faith is so strong that they use the thinnest armors and arms. Using the purest spirituality as their most deadly weapon is their belief.
    On the other side, in the game, their war-gear is specially designed. Every piece is made to maximize the effectiveness of damage to Xenos species. Often every Astartes use different equipment and weapons The only common thing is the Chapter colors. The purpose is to maximize the battle-prowess of every soldier.
    Often, every soldier will have the weapon that suits best its combat skills. This means that each one needs a different set of equipment without mentioning the customization of their armor. Every miniature of this Chapter has a unique design, and the best way to represent it is by dedicating the time, effort, and patience to make them so.

    Commission Deathwatch painting service

    The difficulty of painting these models is one of the highest, especially if the goal is to reach a good quality that highlights some features using shades and other techniques to make it more realistic. Then, it is not a job for anyone with a brush, instead, it requires professional artists with the right tools.
    It is needed to hire experienced miniature painting services to display the uniqueness of these soldiers right. After all, not everyone can do the detailed job that these models deserve, there are too many unique features, and everything is hand-made. Only true professionals can do this job ensuring the quality of the product and give the best finish.
    In conclusion, the best, and almost only, option to get the highest quality is leaving the work to professionals. Contact us and tell our team what are your wishes. We will do all our best to make everything real. Our artist will take care of all the details and make every soldier shows his one personality and history on the battlefield.