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Professional Dark Angels painting service

The universe of Warhammer 40.000 has a rich history of events that contribute to varied characters and scenarios. The games’ plot provides the foundation to let the players make their best with their imagination getting immersed in the fantasy. It is the story that allows the players to be inside the world of the battle and encourage their creativity.
Now, every faction, army, and even some of the game’s characters have different histories published. Each one gives a sense of uniqueness, and it is so especially for each Chapter of the human army. The stories made the personalities and the models’ background, feeding the imagination of the players.
Then, each person can involve themselves with their armies because every force has different skills, cultures, and other features, that are only theirs. So much variability of characters keeps the interest in the game; also, it is very significant for the moment of painting, establishing the general features that need respect in the looks.

Miniature painting

Each army, and even their variant forces, has a unique appearance closely related to their story, having their traditions and cultures influencing the looks. The miniature painting experts use the story as a base for the art and do their best to highlight such uniqueness in the models.

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    The past of the Dark Angels is closely related to treason It changed their history and mission, motivating every soldier to work tirelessly until recovering their honor. Their mission is to eliminate the remnants of such sin, the traitors that are still alive in the enemy faction. Only then will they repair the damage done.
    The storyline tells that their looks used to be different from the current ones, changing after the Heresy because of their shame. For example, the right shoulder plate was used to show the heraldry of their knight order, while the left one showed the dark green of the forest from their homeworld, while their armors were black, representing their obedience and loyalty.

    Dark Angels Painting Schemes

    Now the armors are mostly dark green while only the 1st and 2nd companies can have their panoply black. It is related to the environment on their home planet and is a reminder of their valued Primarch who fall during the war. Some companies also have side-stories that change their looks, like the case of the Deathwing Company.
    Deathwing Company uses their armors bone-white because it represents that they are ghosts in a death-quest against the enemies, known as Genestealers, that enslaved their home. For this reason, it is significant to know about the story of the models to make sure that the color scheme is right before starting the painting of the miniatures.

    Dark Angels features

    Another unique feature of the Dark Angels is that their veterans, the most experienced soldiers, use the squad number on the left shoulder and the winged blade of the Emblem on the left one. Also, all the forces use company marks in the left knee guard, and veterans usually wear hooded cloaks to represent their shame from the sin, as tradition.
    Only the Apothecaries have different colors, wearing black armor with white for the backpack, torso, and groin. Also, their suit includes a red stripe in the center of the helmet. On the other side, the emblem of the Dark Angels has some variations in special cases, like some of the companies, which is a significant detail to pay notice of:
    Being originally a winged sword, the Deathwing Company uses a broken sword while the Ravenwing Company uses a sword held by a raven claw with a single wing. Too, the Scout Marines of the 10th company do not have wings in their badge because they are all Neophytes who have not earned their wings yet with their effort during the battles.

    Commission Dark Angels painting service

    Our experts in the miniature painting service are very well versed in the game’s plot and detailed stories, which makes them capable of advising you in the process to highlight certain details upon the rest. These professionals can use different shades to give profundity heightening the solemnity of the characters.
    Besides, the less obvious details also count stories, our miniature painting artists employ skills like consciously enhancing some features and use others to complement as background. It is such what allows the miniatures to have a sense of realism and narrated their story graphically with their armors.
    Considering that the miniature’s average height is 28 mm, the difficulty of paying attention to details while painting is very high, and no common player can do such a thing. This process requires a skill set and the right tools. Your best option is hiring professionals to do the job, do not wait anymore! Contact us to complete your army and start your adventure.