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Daemons of Tzeentch painting service

Also known as the God of Magic, Tzeentch is the only god who influences the time and space of Warhammer’s universe. Part of his power is made up of pure energy, and for this reason, he can influence the destiny of the universe. The Great Wizard is considered the ultimate representation of chaos and for this reason; he has an enormous number of servants and followers.
As we mentioned before, he is one of the 4 gods of chaos. The Great Sorcerer is the most deceptive and treacherous of all the other gods. He loves to manipulate and deceive any mortal who aspires to power. He grants him favors and magical powers through deception, only in this way he can feed his power and increase it almost without limits.

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    Daemons of Tzeentch painting service

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    Daemons of Tzeentch commission painting service

    Because it has no clear form and is described as a being that can mutate, different versions of the miniature figure of this god of chaos were designed. However, the latest version of Tzeentch‘s miniature action figure is depicted as a demonic creature with a face coming out of his chest and two large horns coming out of his sides.
    Our artists can customize the Tzeentch miniature figure. Each eye can have a different look, texture, and color. Similarly, the horns and limb sluts are painted with Skeleton Horde and Black Templar for a more realistic effect.
    As the god is characterized by having several faces, each face can be painted to have a unique expression and texture. According to the last update, the Tzeentch hordes are painted differently.
    For basic skin tones, Corvus Black, Citadel Blue, Corvus Blue, and Contrast Shyish Blue are used. In this way, the details of the armor and fabric accessories are highlighted, but also the effect of the scales is generated for more realistic detail.
    For the horns and fabric accessories, the Red Templar, Corvus Black, and the Contrast Shyish Red are used. For both Tzeentch and his hordes, the always efficient Scale 75 Metallics color range can be used.


    On the other hand, our professional artists can design customized templates and settings to tell original stories. Similarly, we can also assemble and design old versions of Tzeentch, where he is represented as a humanoid figure with an eagle’s head.
    You can consult with our professionals during the design, assembly, and painting stages. Through different techniques, styles, and textures, you can let your imagination fly to design an original and unique Tzeentch.