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Khorne painting service

Daemons of Khorne painting service

The god of chaos, Khorne, is also known by other names, such as “God of Blood”, “Lord of Skulls”, or “The Slaughterer”. Of the four chaos gods that are part of Warhammer’s universe, Khorne is the most powerful and the most violent. This god is so powerful that even his cries can reverberate through time and space.

He is a god much revered by different Warhammer factions and races and is always ready to wreak havoc on the universe. Also known by the names of Khamath or Akhar, the Blood God is always accompanied by faithful and powerful servants. He is the god who represents wars and possesses incalculable strength when it comes to fighting.

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    Like the miniature figures of other gods of chaos, the God of Blood comes with several servants that you can paint and personalize according to your tastes. To personalize it with the traditional colors, you start with a black base and then proceed with Volupus Red to paint the body and give contrast.

    Scale details can be obtained through Corvus black or Scale 75 Metallics. You can use different types of techniques and tools to start with the base paints, but because Khorne is a God who has armor and scales, you should use the spray for the first layers of paint.

    Versions of the Blood God

    Some versions of the Blood God are accompanied by a bronze throne, which is painted separately. If you wish, you can complement your miniature figure with some additional accessories, such as the bronze throne or other figures such as An’ggrath, a demon servant of the god of war.


    For armor and weapons, the Scale 75 Metallics Gold and Scale 75 Metallics Silver are usually used. A sponge is then used to provide texture and relief to the shield and certain areas of the armor and body.

    On the other hand, you can also request the design and painting of the flags and symbols that characterize the Khorne faction. For the flags and banners, we usually use the Corvus black and the contrast blood angel red. This way you get a contrast and a depth effect.

    To paint the claws and bones of Khorne and his servants, Skeleton Horde contrast is used. On the other hand, you can consult with our professionals on the different techniques with which you can use the color palette of Model Color Royal Red and Red Horror. In this way, you can give life to the details of the face and body parts of Khorne and his servants.