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In White Weasel Studio we manufacture custom displays and exhibitors 100% customized for your Warhammer armies or Kill Teams. We can create anything you can imagine, from ruined imperial cities among which your Chaos Marines will march gloriously in search of the next victory, to a ruined cathedral with multiple mobile cover elements in which your Kill Teams will fight super epic battles!

No matter what you have in mind, we can build whatever you have in mind! Our team of experts will make your dreams come true!


Display Harlequins

Harlequins transportable display

Display with transportable and magnetized drawer for Harlequins 40K army.

High elves army display

High Elves Exhibitor

Amazing display and transportable crate for displaying an army of Warhammer Fantasy High Elves 6th edition.

Dwarf display

Display for Dwarf Fortress

Awesome dwarf fortress in 2 levels for displaying a custom 6th edition army.

Mini-exhibitor Helm Abyss

Mini display Cuernavilla

Display your Rohan miniatures with style! Designed to fit in Ikea display cases.


Kill Team game board

Great game board and display for Kill Team games. Show your armies with class!

Mini display Death Watch

Kill Team Death Guard Exhibitor

Show your miniatures in style with this mini display. Designed to fit in Ikea display cases.


If you want to order your custom display for your Warhammer collection, fill out our contact form and we will write you soon with all the information. We need to know:

  • Project concept: whether you want your army in a chaos fortress, among deserted human ruins or on a snowy mountain.
  • What dimensions do you want for the display? Length, height and depth.
  • What is your approximate budget for the project? We are not asking you this question to know the profit we will earn, but to be able to adjust our quality and details to your investment. Our goal is always to be able to get the most out of all our projects with the money you have available. And as you can see… we can make really awesome things!

Get the display of your dreams!

Our displays are completely customized according to the customer’s preferences. We focus on the durability and quality of the projects so that your display or exhibitor will last forever.

Be the envy of your friends

Our displays can be transportable so that you can take your army to tournaments or to your colleagues’ homes or gaming location. Normally we make them a protected box as a briefcase with a handle so that your miniatures travel safe and immobilized.

Show your army as it deserves!

Also our display building service can do something more modest and minimalist for you to display only your favorite miniatures. We can adapt all kinds of sizes and designs and we recommend that you take a look at our displays adapted to the size of Ikea showcases.

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