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Characters with customized displays



At White Weasel Studio we are passionate about bringing your Warhammer characters to life with custom displays made to order. Our goal is to create unique and spectacular pieces that enhance the beauty and history of your favorite figurines.

Imagine having an exclusive diorama for the primarch of your favorite Warhammer legion, specially designed to highlight his details and personality. We can create epic scenes where your primarch comes to life, with lighting effects, moving elements and meticulous details.

Bring your favorite character to life

Trust us to transform your favorite Warhammer character into a true work of art. Custom displays will not only highlight your miniatures, but also allow you to proudly display them and share your passion for this amazing hobby.


Jaghatai khan

Scour the steppes!

Brutal diorama of the Primarch of the White Scars. Expose or play with it depending on your needs.

Rotigus Diorama

Nurgle loves you...

Spectacular display of Rotigus and his personal guard. Measurements designed for Ikea showcases!

Sanguinius Display

Defeating Khorne

Impressive diorama of Sanguinius defeating Ka’Banda. Remove it to play your games!

Lionel VS Angron Duel

Come back to Caliban...

Reenactment of the epic duel between Lion El’ Jonson and Angron that ended the Arks of Omens!

Leman Russ VS Magnus

Prospero on fire!

Forge World diorama in which we live again the fall of Magnus and his Thousand Sons to Chaos.

D&D Characters

A rust monster ate my sword

Because your custom characters for your Dungeon & Dragons games deserve to rest in style!


If you want to order your characters with their own custom display for your Warhammer or D&D collection right now, fill out our contact form and we will get back to you soon with all the information. We need to know:

  • Project concept: Explain us the character you want to highlight its details, color scheme and painting level.
  • Do we have to buy or assemble the character?
  • What dimensions do you want for the display? Maximum length, height and depth.
  • What is your approximate budget for the project? We are not asking you this question to know the profit we will earn, but to be able to adjust our quality and details to your investment. Our goal is always to be able to get the most out of all our projects with the money you have available. And as you can see… we can make really awesome things!

Get your own character on a unique display!

At White Weasel Studio, our custom diorama characters are created according to the preferences of our customers. We are dedicated to guarantee the durability and quality of each project, so that your display or exhibitor will last forever.

Be the envy of your friends

We create our miniature dioramas in such a way that, if you need to have the miniature ready to play, you can easily take it out of the display and take it to the battlefield without any problems.

Our model makers have developed innovative techniques that allow effortless removal of your favorite character from the display. You will be able to release your miniature and place it on the battlefield without mishap.

In addition, we maintain the integrity of the display and its components so that you can safely reposition your character and display it again whenever you wish. The durability and quality of our designs ensure that you enjoy this functionality without compromising the beauty and detail of your custom diorama.

Show your army as it deserves!

We can adapt all kinds of sizes and designs and we recommend that you take a look at our displays adapted to the size of Ikea showcases.

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