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Warhammer 40K remains strong among the wargames Many people are already fond of this game. The great variety of scenarios, along with the diversity of characters, makes this one of the most popular games. Every year many new players immerse themselves in this fantastic universe.
Since the first release of the game in the late ’80s, the game received various expansions. Along with its growth, it also increases the diversity of characters and rules. Right now, the armies that form the universe are filled in both number and variety. An example is the Space Marines of the Imperium of Man and the variant armies.

Features and details for your miniatures

The most attractive feature of the game is the wonderful and creative universe where all the events of the storyline take place. Another strong charm is the possibility of allowing the players to express their creativity, but it came with its difficulties. All the designs and models leave the player be creative, but the problem is if they have enough skill.
Those players with more imagination, looking for an immersive experience, can take the game to a new level, just hiring a miniature painting service to make their armies more real. The best way to improve the player’s experience is to make the miniatures’ color scheme more detailed, complementing the participants’ imaginations.

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    Get the best Blood Ravens painting service

    Like most games with miniatures, Warhammer 40K sells the models in pieces and without colors, allowing the players to be creative, but most limit themselves to build the models and hire professionals to do the painting job. After all, it is better to leave such art in a professional’s hands, considering the level of details and skill involved in the process.
    As Space Marines, the Blood Ravens wear strong power armors. These armors can have differences according to the player’s desires but must respect certain general features The primary color of the power armor of the Blood Ravens is red for most of the members. The armor has some details in black or purple in the lines.

    Blood Ravens emblems and symbols

    Of the shoulders, one show the emblem of the Blood Ravens, while the other the number of the squad. On the other side, there are certain differences in the colors wear by their Librarians. These differences mostly show the difference between the psykers and the rest of the space marines.
    The Librarians of the Blood Ravens usually choose blue as the color base for the armor. Also, the armor shows details in yellow or gold There are no company colors in the knee protector because of the different types of armor. The shoulders still show the emblem but not the number of the squad.
    Also, they usually have some decorations about scrolls around the power armor. Their equipment also changes having a long staff for their psykers abilities or also complementing it with a Bolter to mid-range combat. This difference can easily identify a Librarian from the other space marines.
    Looking at the level of details, without mentioning the bases of each soldier, scenarios, and customizations that the player wants to do, it is clear that making the miniatures reach completion requires a specialized skill set. The best option is to hire a miniature painting service and let experts do their job and give your ideas.

    Professional Blood Ravens painting service

    Most miniature painting services are done by experts with years of experience in modeling. Usually, these professionals are veterans in the game and are familiar with the procedure to paint all the miniatures available. Besides, if the customer does not had enough time, the professionals can also build the models, and you just need to give the pieces.
    Not only so, but also the sceneries can be custom made to increase the variety of the universe. If you are a skillful artist with enough practice and all the required tools and brushes, you can do the job personally. Otherwise, there are companies with professional miniature painters that can do this for you and have the best quality standards.

    Top quality for your Blood Ravens army

    These companies already have the experience, skills, and tools to provide the best quality work to your miniatures. This allows the Blood ravens to show their audacity and war experience in the details of their armor. From different shades to reflections and scratches, even details on the face, and eyes; this service can make your miniatures look alive.
    Of course, the miniature painting services experts will keep in contact with you, letting the players express any ideas on how they want the miniatures to looks like. It is not only following the general features, but also including shades, reflections, and even applying deepness using special techniques.
    The results are miniatures of the best quality that suit your preferences, allowing your army to be customized but also granting it the most professional finish. Then, it allows you to immerse in the fantasy of the game.