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Black Templars painting service

Professional Black Templars painting service

It is well known that the wargame Warhammer 40.000 is a success in various communities of players. Its long history and the ever-increasing number of players testify about the game’s popularity. The game keeps updating often, allowing the players to not get bored by introducing new features, characters, and even some rules.

One of the game’s aspects is the variety of characters and their varied looks, with different species, equipment, weapons, scenarios, buildings, and more. There are too many options to stimulate the players’ imaginations, letting them be fully immersed in the adventure and story.

Besides, the most fascinating feature of the game is the color schemes available for everything. Every piece of model and scenario is made colorless so the players can put their creativity to work. As a complementation of the game, some of the most experienced and skillful model makers put their efforts to provide miniature painting services

Professional Black Templars painting

These specialized services help common players that lack artistic skills to materialize their creativity by employing professional techniques for miniature painting. Also, these services increase the immersion in the game, providing the possibility of making the finish reach a higher level,

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    Commission Black Templars painting service

    Every Astartes of the Black Templars has an armor filled with different details and specific design of this variant army. Some of these features are commonly seen among the crusaders, but every soldier also needs customization. The best way to make the miniatures reach their best quality is by hiring a professional service.
    The colors of the Black Templars are black, white, and red. The black theme is related to their story in the game, referring to the Chapter’s obedience to their Emperor’s will as a display of loyalty. Albeit most of one color, each soldier’s armor in the game’s story is decorated with specific things that increase the painting difficulty.

    Heraldry of Black Templars

    They tend to wear chains wrap around their arms to show their will to never give up their weapons until the end of the battle. The professionals in painting miniatures that work with these models can take the effort a few steps ahead in the details, like applying different shades to represent the wear upon them. It will make them more realistic.
    Each soldier decorates the armor with devotional images and the Purity Seals of the Crusader. Miniature painting experts can use a few layers of colors to make the seals have tridimensional designs, adding surrounding effects displaying the holy light of each symbol, and giving them solemnity with a shiny finish.
    Although the armor is black, it also has white and details in red Being an army, each squad has specializations denoted by the color of the pauldron’s trim, while the emblem of the Black Templars is shown in both shoulder guards. Each detail needs shades to made it look more realistic, like a true armor of a soldier.
    The Emblem is a black Maltese cross on a white field, although it can have some modifications according to some ranks and specializations For example, the Apothecary has a special symbol in the Cross, and the white field is rimed with a red line, while the Veterans have the cross red and the backfield black.

    Details of Black Templars

    There are other variations to take notice of, like the squad number shown in the right knee’s armor plate during the model’s painting. Likewise, the weapons are commonly bolters and chainswords, both with different details on their own that required special attention while painting to give profundity and apply the right shades and reflections.
    On the other side, for representing the scars left by the battles, the service’s experts can add some notches and scratches to each soldier’s armor. The Black Templars in the game’s story are loyal warriors that will never stop their Crusade The soldiers are practically unstoppable war machines.
    These details require special tools to work with the best precision; after all, every symbol, scar, notch, etc. in the armor represents each soldier’s life history To give the whole army a sense of realism, every member needs to display its uniqueness on the battlefield, matching their combat experience.

    Get the best Black Templars painting service

    It is observable that the appearance of the Astartes is filled with features that increase the work’s difficulty. Albeit some players can take care of their models, not everyone has such a high level of skill So, the best choice is to hire professionals in the field to take the job and not jeopardize the quality of the miniatures.
    Instead of risking the quality of your model, why not leave it in the hands of professionals? You do not need to hesitate anymore, just contact us, and we will do our best to give your army the quality it deserves.