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Astra Militarum painting service

Astra Militarum Commission Painting Service

In the lore of Warhammer 40K we find a lot of amazing stories. Just like the story of the Astra Militarum, one of the largest and most diverse forces in the Galaxy of this game. So these figurines are essential on the game board, just as knowing everything about its origins and context.
That is why we will give you a few details about the greatest force of the Galaxy in the Warhammer universe, the Astra Militarum. But we will not stop there, because we will also mention the importance of the appearance of these miniatures. Because a large part of the personality of this game is to give life to your own figures by yourself.
However, it is understandable many players do not have the time to give you all the details these figures deserve. So we are also going to show you a pretty tempting alternative, which you might consider before doing a failed paint job. It involves hiring our professional painting company, but let’s talk about that later.

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    Imperial Guard painting service

    Who are the Astra Militarum?

    They are also known as The Imperial Guard and they are the most extensive force in the Galaxy. Made up of billions of men from millions of different planets, this Guard maintains its power under its vast number of members. At the same time, their heavy battle tanks and other war machines that characterize the Imperial Guard.
    The Astra Militarum fights only to protect the Imperium from its enemies. So you will find them in battles against the Chaos legions, the Orks, and anyone else who can challenge the Emperor’s dominance. In this way, they have protected the Imperium from its origins as the Imperial Army.
    On the other hand, this massive army is also part of the Expeditionary Fleets, a group dedicated to reclaiming the Galaxy in the name of the Emperor. So it is understandable why this army has a large number of members, war machines and special ships. All of this soldiers and machines exists only to conquer and defend the Imperium.
    But let’s finish talking about the context of this army, and learn a little more about its appearance. Something fundamental when it comes to giving it a personality on the game board.

    Astra Militarum

    The Astra Militarum may not be well-known for having shiny armor, finished with precious gems and other elegant details other Emperor forces have. The appearance of this huge army is quite rough in general, with neutral and solid colors predominating when doing the paint job.
    Their clothing and shells are usually painted military green, honoring their title as the military force of the Galaxy. While their weapons are usually accompanied by metallic and solid colors.
    So, maybe it is not a difficult job to paint the Astra Militarum. On the other hand, since they are also usually characterized by their huge machines, it is common for these to be painted in military colors.
    But, while it is not difficult to choose a good palette of colors for these miniatures, the hard work is painting a large number of figures. Since it is necessary to have a good amount of these guards to have your complete board. Therefore, it can take a long time to paint so many miniatures.
    But don’t worry, because if you don’t have time to dedicate to so much work, you can use a good alternative. Because hiring a good professional painting service like ours maybe is the best for you. But do not rush, later you will know the benefits of this.

    Professional Imperial Guard painting service

    Veteran Guardsmen

    These veterans are different from other warriors or military guards of the Imperium. Their appearances remind us of soldiers from the Vietnam War, so we would not be surprised if they were inspired by those events in American history.
    But we do not underestimate their familiar appearances, because we focus on giving them the necessary details to make them look realistic enough on the game board. From the military green paint on the uniforms to the small details on the gas masks and weapons. Something you will only achieve with our professional artists.

    Cadian Command Squad

    This squad reminds us of the fighters of World War II thanks to their uniforms. So, in this case, we do not make them stand out with military green tones, but with khaki and earth colors to differentiate their uniforms. We also put great effort when it comes to painting the small badges some of these soldiers’ wear.
    Therefore, the best option to obtain a professional result is to hire our professional painting services. Since our team of artists will know how to make the best results. So what are you waiting for? If you want to have some miniatures worthy of showing off, you just have to contact us!