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Alaitoc is another millenary spacecraft, which can be found at the edge of the galaxy, known as “Segmentum”. Although the creed of its inhabitants is not based on war, they are excellent warriors, but their style of battle is not based on direct combat, but stealth and deception.

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    Like their counterparts, such as Biel-Tan, the inhabitants of Alaitoc feel a great fanaticism towards the roots of their race and for the dream of restoring their ancient empire.
    For this reason, they avoid any contact with other species or external cultures In their quest to restore their ancient empire, the inhabitants of this spacecraft are always familiar with wars, even though they do not yearn for blood and death.
    Also, unlike other spacecraft, Alaitoc is allowed to train explorers who can leave the planetary ship to know other worlds and corners of the universe.

    Alaitoc Craftworld miniatures

    Alaitoc is a simple and straightforward planetary ship, but it has a large number of parts that must be designed and assembled. Scale 75 Metallics Silver and Scale 75 Metallics Gold are used to highlight the details of the entire structure of the ship.
    Similarly, Black Templar and Volupus Blue are used to not only give the realistic detail of wear and longevity to the ship but also to represent the faction colors of the Aeldari.

    Eldar Alaitoc Craftworld painting service

    Once the nave is painted and assembled, we proceed to paint the interior of the nave. On the other hand, the combat units and war vehicles can also be assembled and painted. Alaitoc’s warriors can be painted with traditional colors to bring to life the elegance and intelligence that characterizes them. With the new update, the combat units are painted with Regal Blue and Sunburst Yellow.
    To give a touch of elegance to the armor and weapons, the colors Retributor Armour, Seraphin Sepia, and Mars Orange are used. You can request different techniques to generate the textures you want, but with spray techniques, you can give symmetrical relief to the most elegant details of the armors and weapons.
    For the vehicles, in addition to painting with Blue Horror and Black Templar to cause an antique effect and battle wear, the Sunburst Yellow, and Scale 75 Metallics Gold is used to highlight the depth of the Alaitoc ship symbol. You can consult with our professional artists for any questions you may have about the painting and assembly process or the original customization of your miniature figures.