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Adeptus Mechanicus Painting Service

You must consider the gaming in Warhammer 40K is only one of its important aspects. Because many players appreciate the experience of painting and history more than the game itself. That is why when it comes to playing with the Adeptus Mechanicus there are some aspects to take into account.
So below we will give you a summary about this organization, and details about the appearance of the forces of this cult. Since they are important aspects you must consider while painting your figures and placing them on the game board.
On the other hand, we will also point out an alternative for the paint job you will surely consider very tempting. Because, if you are a player who does not have much time, you do not have a lot of patience or simply if you do not have the talent to bring your figures to life, you do not have to worry. Keep reading to know every benefit of our professional painting service.

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    Adeptus Mechanicus Painting Service

    Who are the Adeptus Mechanicus?

    Let’s begin with the names by which the Adeptus Mechanicus are known This is the official name given to the Cult Mechanicus or Cult of the Machine. It is an organization and cult that recognizes the Emperor of Humanity as the supreme leader of the Imperium. But, this organization does not take orders from the Imperial Cult, let’s see why.
    The Cult Mechanicus only pay tribute to the Omnissiah or God Machine and follow their manuscripts and sacred writings. For them, the Emperor is the embodiment of the God Machine, because he has a greater understanding of the nature of the galaxy. Therefore, for the Cult, he is worthy of worship and praise.
    On the other hand, among their beliefs, they believe meat is weak, so replacing it with bionic and mechanical parts is considered a sacred ritual. Besides, they can be called the Priesthood of Mars, because they are founders of this planet. And, of course, they use its resources to make armies and provide technology for the Imperium.


    There is a great variety of forces and groups in the hierarchy of the Adeptus Mechanicus, with their own characteristics and details. But let’s pay attention to two particular groups: The Electro Priests and the Skitarii force.
    In the first place, the Electrospriests are a series of cult warriors who are known by their most striking color; the red of their capes. They are a great support in combat for warriors, thanks to their dominant and aggressive appearance in the game board. Like the metallic details on their weapons that give them an intimidating look.
    So, if you hire our professional painting services, we will ensure you totally impeccable figures. Because we will focus on every metallic detail with the perfect finishes, so your miniatures can stand out on the game board. So do not doubt this option is totally viable when you want to have incredible miniatures.

    Professional Adeptus Mechanicus Painting Service

    The Skitarii

    Second, the Skitarii force is the cult’s main military group, as well as its first line of defense within the planets where the Adeptus Mechanicus have established themselves. They are also commonly painted in metallic colors, highlighting the red robes and capes. Something almost mandatory, since these details are usually the contrast behind so many gray and bronze colors.
    However, some figures are much more complicated when it comes to doing the paint job. And all these details, at the end of the day, will not survive if they are painted by an inexperienced player. Therefore, the ideal option for these cases is to hire a professional painting company that is dedicated to painting miniatures, just like us.
    Our company of professional artists promises you totally flawless results. Because we use the correct tools to give the most precise finish to each of your figures. But not just that, since we also use the best quality materials so that your figures last for years with you. So, we are the best option for busy Warhammer 40K players.


    They are militants chosen by the Space Marines for their technological skills. Their armors are painted a rustic red, with huge harnesses with Plasma Cutters in some cases. Also, they tend to carry weapons on their backs and look quite robotic. In summary, they have a lot of details to be painted.
    Therefore, our artists understand these figures need to have a heavy appearance. Since they are made mainly of metal, so the priority for us is to give it a rust and weathered metal finish. So as soon as you get close to your finished figure, you will think it has a characteristic metallic smell thanks to our specialized work.
    So, don’t wait too long if you want to have some amazing Adeptus Mechanicus figures Better hire our professional painting service right now!