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Adeptus Custodes Painting Service

Who are the Adeptus Custodes?

In the Warhammer 40K universe they have been named by many titles. We have mentioned a few before, but they have also been known as The Guardians, The Ten Thousand and Watchers of the Throne, to name a few of their titles. But those are nothing more than simple names to designate the guards of the Imperial Palace and the Golden Throne.
Then, they stand out for being the Emperor’s guard so they are mainly a defense army for the Imperium of Man Just like the Sisters of Silence, they represent the Talons of the Emperor and his most powerful military forces. In this way, the Adeptus Custodes are the right hand of the Emperor, acting as a bodyguard within the Palace.
Also, they are formally known as the Legio Custodes Magna Imperator, working as emissaries and executioners. But the reason they are feared is because their authority is only surpassed by the Emperor himself. So it is not surprising they have their base at the Tower of the Hegemon, various fortresses, and territories throughout the Solar System, even in places they only know.
As for their history, it is quite long and complex but what is certain is they have been the protectors of the Emperor for millennia. At the same time, they have acted as the confidants of the imperial secrets; they also enjoy power and skill in weapons far greater than that of the Space Marines. So they can use the most complex and powerful weapons and technology of the Imperium.

Custodian Guards

Many fans often say they have a similar appearance to the Thunder-Warriors. The armor of these guards was made from Power Armor with auramite. On the right shoulder pad, they usually have the Imperial Aquila, while the rest of the armor is adorned with precious stones. Likewise, these gems usually represent the company to which they belong.
If we talk about colors, the most representative colors of the Adeptus Custodes are gold and red. So it is common to see their armor painted with a firm gold base Or, on the contrary, a dark base coat and a gold polish to make the details stand out While the tunic and other accessories on the helmet are painted in shades of scarlet red or wine.
And while it may seem like an easy paint job to do, the truth is that the details are often overwhelming. So it is understandable that many players do not have the patience to make their Adeptus Custodes look the best they can be That is why we offer our professional painting services for players like you.

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    Adeptus Custodes Painting Service

    Captain General

    The Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes is an exponent of this militant group. His armor is a reflection of what these soldiers represent on the battlefield Every little detail on him is the opportunity to put bright and metallic sparkles, to achieve an imposing armor.
    But that is not all, the folds in the cape, the tiny details of the General’s huge axe, are subjects that must be taken into account when doing the paint job. Therefore, the best option is to hire us, a professional artists company that will make sure that your miniature stands out on the board.

    Aquilon Terminators

    The Terminator Squad is a little different from the rest of these knights While the others wear ornate armor, this squad has much simpler armor in comparison However, this does not mean that we underestimate the paint job.
    If you hire our professional painting services, we will take care of highlighting each possible piece to make a figure as realistic as possible. So, what are you waiting for? Playing with miniatures with professional finishes is no longer impossible thanks to our professional painting company. Contact us!